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Adjective: thickened  thi-kund
  1. Made or having become thick
    "thickened bronchial arteries"
  2. Having calluses; having skin made tough and thick through wear
    "thickened skin";
    - calloused, callous
  3. Made thick in consistency
    "flour-thickened gravy"; "dust-thickened saliva"
Verb: thicken  thi-kun
  1. Make thick or thicker
    "Thicken the sauce";
    - inspissate
  2. Become thick or thicker
    "The sauce thickened";
    - inspissate
  3. Make viscous or dense
    "thicken the sauce by adding flour";
    - inspissate

See also: thick, tough, toughened

Type of: alter, change, change integrity, change state, modify, turn

Antonym: thin