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Adjective: thinned  thind
  1. Mixed with water
    "a cup of thinned soup";
    - cut, weakened
Verb: thin (thinned,thinning)  thin
  1. Lose thickness; become thin or thinner
  2. Make thin or thinner
    "Thin the solution"
  3. Lessen the strength or flavour of a solution or mixture
    - dilute, thin out, reduce, cut
  4. Take off weight
    - reduce, melt off, slim, slenderize, slim down, slenderise [Brit], lose weight

See also: dilute, diluted

Type of: bring down, change state, cut, cut back, cut down, reduce, trim, trim back, trim down, turn, weaken

Antonym: thicken

Encyclopedia: Thin, James