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Noun: Thomas  tó-mus
  1. The Apostle who would not believe the resurrection of Jesus until he saw Jesus with his own eyes
    - Thomas the Apostle, Saint Thomas, St. Thomas, doubting Thomas, Thomas the doubting Apostle
  2. United States clockmaker who introduced mass production (1785-1859)
    - Seth Thomas
  3. Welsh poet (1914-1953)
    - Dylan Thomas, Dylan Marlais Thomas
  4. United States socialist who was a candidate for president six times (1884-1968)
    - Norman Thomas, Norman Mattoon Thomas
  5. A radio broadcast journalist during World War I and World War II noted for his nightly new broadcast (1892-1981)
    - Lowell Thomas, Lowell Jackson Thomas

Type of: Apostle, broadcast journalist, clockmaker, clocksmith, poet, saint, socialist

Encyclopedia: Thomas, Mickey