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Adjective: timid (timider,timidest)  ti-mid
  1. Showing fear and lack of confidence
  2. Lacking self-confidence
    "problems that call for bold not timid responses";
    - diffident, shy, unsure, unconfident
  3. Lacking conviction, boldness or courage
    "timid heart ne'er won fair lady";
    - faint, fainthearted, faint-hearted
Noun: timid  ti-mid
  1. People who are fearful and cautious
    "whitewater rafting is not for the timid";
    - cautious

Derived forms: timidest, timider

See also: afraid, backward, bashful, confidence, cowardly, coy, fearful, 'fraid [non-standard], intimidated, mousey, mousy, timidity, timorous, timorousness, trepid, unadventurous, unassertive

Type of: people

Antonym: bold, brave