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Noun: trading  trey-ding
  1. Buying or selling securities or commodities
Verb: trade  treyd
  1. Engage in the trade of
    "he is trading telephone sets";
    - merchandise, merchandize
  2. Turn in as payment or part payment for a purchase
    "trade in an old car for a new one";
    - trade in
  3. Be traded at a certain price or under certain conditions
    "The stock traded around $20 a share"
  4. Exchange or give (something) in exchange for
    - swap, swop, switch
  5. Do business; offer for sale as for one's livelihood
    "She trades in gold";
    - deal, sell

Derived forms: tradings

Type of: change, commerce, commercialism, exchange, interchange, mercantilism, sell, transact

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