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Adjective: tranquilizing  'trang-kwi,lI-zing
Usage: N. Amer (elsewhere: tranquillizing)
  1. Tending to soothe or tranquilize
    "valium has a tranquilizing effect";
    - ataractic, ataraxic, sedative, tranquillizing [Brit], tranquillising [Brit], tranquillising [Brit]
Verb: tranquilize  'trang-kwi,lIz
Usage: N. Amer (elsewhere: tranquillize)
  1. Make calm or still
    "tranquilize the dragons of worry and fear";
    - calm, calm down, quiet, tranquillize, tranquillise [Brit], quieten [Brit], lull, still
  2. Cause to be calm or quiet as by administering a sedative to
    "The patient must be tranquilized before the operation";
    - sedate, calm, tranquillize, tranquillise [Brit]

See also: depressant

Type of: affect, comfort, console, solace, soothe

Encyclopedia: Tranquilize