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Adjective: trapped  trapt
  1. Forced to turn and face attackers
    "like a trapped animal";
    - at bay, cornered, treed
Verb: trap (trapped,trapping)  trap
  1. Place in a confining or embarrassing position
    "He was trapped in a difficult situation";
    - pin down
  2. (hunting) catch in or as if in a trap
    "The men trap foxes";
    - entrap, snare, ensnare, trammel
  3. Hold or catch as if in a trap
    "The gaps between the teeth trap food particles"
  4. To hold fast or prevent from moving
    "The child was trapped under the fallen tree";
    - pin, immobilize, immobilise [Brit]
  5. [US, dialect] Sell narcotics, esp. on a street

See also: unfree

Type of: capture, catch, confine, detain, hold, take hold

Encyclopedia: Trapped

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