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Noun: canyon treefrog
  1. A small chiefly ground dweller that stays within easy jumping distance of water; of United States southwest and northern Mexico
    - Hyla arenicolor
Noun: tree-frog
  1. Arboreal amphibians usually having adhesive disks at the tip of each toe; of southeast Asia and Australia and America
    - tree toad, tree frog
  2. Any of various Old World arboreal frogs distinguished from true frogs by adhesive suckers on the toes
    - tree frog
Noun: lowland burrowing treefrog
  1. Terrestrial burrowing nocturnal frog of grassy terrain and scrub forests having very hard upper surface of head; of the United States southwest
    - northern casque-headed frog, Pternohyla fodiens

Derived forms: tree frogs, tree-frogs

Type of: anuran, batrachian, frog, salientian, toad, toad frog

Part of: family Hylidae, genus Hyla, genus Pternohyla, Hyla, Hylidae, Pternohyla

Encyclopedia: Tree-frog