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Adjective: trifling  trI-f(u-)ling
  1. Not worth considering
    "a trifling matter";
    - negligible, paltry
Noun: trifling  trI-f(u-)ling
  1. The deliberate act of delaying and playing instead of working
    - dalliance, dawdling
Verb: trifle  trI-ful
  1. Waste time; spend one's time idly or inefficiently
    - piddle [informal], wanton [archaic], wanton away, piddle away
  2. Act frivolously
    "She was advised not to trifle with the young heir";
    - frivol
  3. Consider not very seriously
    "He is trifling with her";
    - dally, play

Derived forms: triflings

See also: worthless

Type of: act, behave, consider, delay, do, drop, expend, holdup, look at, spend, take

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