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Adjective: tripping  tri-ping
  1. Characterized by a buoyant rhythm
    "a tripping singing measure";
    - lilting, swinging, swingy
  2. Moving easily and quickly; nimble
    "walked with a light tripping step";
    - light, lightsome
Verb: trip (tripped,tripping)  trip
  1. Miss a step and fall or nearly fall
    "She tripped over the tree root";
    - stumble
  2. Cause to stumble
    "The questions on the test tripped him up";
    - trip up
  3. Make a trip for pleasure
    - travel, jaunt
  4. Get high, stoned, or drugged
    "He trips every weekend";
    - trip out, turn on [informal], get off [informal]
  5. Turn electric power off (using a switch or as a safety measure)

See also: light-footed, rhythmic, rhythmical

Type of: move

Encyclopedia: Tripping

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