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Noun: truant  troo-unt
  1. One who is absent from school without permission
    - hooky player [N. Amer, informal], skiver [Brit]
  2. Someone who shirks duty
    - no-show, nonattender
Adjective: truant  troo-unt
  1. Absent without permission
    "truant schoolboys";
    - awol
Verb: truant  troo-unt
  1. Be absent from work or school without permission
    "The boy often truants";
    - bunk off [Brit, informal], play hooky [N. Amer, informal], skive [Brit, informal], bunk [Brit, informal], mitch [Ireland, informal], wag [Austral, NZ, informal], play truant

Derived forms: truanting, truants, truanted

See also: absent

Type of: absentee, cut, offender, skip, wrongdoer

Encyclopedia: Truant