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Adjective: trusting  trús-ting
  1. Inclined to believe or confide readily; full of trust
    "great brown eye, true and trusting";
    - trustful
Verb: trust  trúst
  1. Have confidence or faith in
    "We can trust in God";
    - swear, rely, bank
  2. Allow without fear
  3. Be confident about something
    "I trust that he will come back from the war";
    - believe
  4. Expect and wish
    "I trust you will behave better from now on";
    - hope, desire
  5. Confer a trust upon
    "The messenger was trusted with the general's secret";
    - entrust, intrust [archaic], confide, commit
  6. Extend credit to
    "don't trust my ex-wife; I won't pay her debts anymore"

See also: confiding, credulous, unsuspecting, unsuspicious

Type of: allow, anticipate, believe, countenance, expect, give, hand, lend, let, loan, pass, pass on, permit, reach, turn over, wish

Antonym: mistrust

Encyclopedia: Trusting

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