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Noun: tryout  'trI,awt
  1. A trial of something to see if or how it works
    - trial, trial run, test, dummy run [Brit, informal]
  2. A test of the suitability of a performer
    - audition
Verb: try out  trI awt
  1. Put to the test, as for its quality, or give experimental use to
    "try out this recipe";
    - test, prove, try, examine, essay, trial
  2. Try something new, as in order to gain experience
    "Students try out sexually";
    - experiment
  3. (performing arts) perform in order to get a role
    "She tried out for a role on Broadway";
    - audition
  4. Take a sample of
    "try out the regional dishes";
    - sample, try, taste

Derived forms: tryouts, tried out, tries out, trying out

Type of: consume, evaluate, experiment, experimentation, have, ingest, judge, pass judgment, perform, run, take, take in, test, trial

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