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Noun: turndown  'turn,dawn
  1. The act of refusing an offer
    "the turndown was polite but very firm";
    - nonacceptance
Verb: turn down  turn dawn
  1. Not accept as true
    - refuse, reject, pass up, decline
  2. Deny entrance or membership
    "Black people were often turned down by country clubs";
    - reject, turn away, refuse
  3. Refuse with contempt
    "She turned down his advances";
    - reject, spurn, freeze off, scorn, pooh-pooh, disdain
  4. Take a downward direction
    "The economy finally turned down after a long boom"
  5. Make quieter
    "turn down the volume of a radio";
    - lower

Derived forms: turns down, turndowns, turning down, turned down

Type of: decline, decrease, lessen, minify, refuse, rejection, worsen

Encyclopedia: Turn down