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Noun: turner  tur-nu(r)
  1. A lathe operator
  2. One of two persons who swing ropes for jumpers to skip over in the game of jump rope
  3. Cooking utensil having a flat flexible part and a long handle; used for turning or serving food
    - food turner
  4. A tumbler who is a member of a turnverein
Noun: Turner
  1. English landscape painter whose treatment of light and colour influenced the French impressionists (1775-1851)
    - J. M. W. Turner, Joseph Mallord William Turner
  2. United States endocrinologist (1892-1970)
    - Henry Turner, Henry Hubert Turner
  3. United States slave and insurrectionist who in 1831 led a rebellion of slaves in Virginia; he was captured and executed (1800-1831)
    - Nat Turner
  4. United States historian who stressed the role of the western frontier in American history (1861-1932)
    - Frederick Jackson Turner
  5. Liberal Prime Minister of Canada (1984)
    - John Turner

Derived forms: Turners, turners

Type of: cooking utensil, cookware, endocrinologist, freedom fighter, historian, historiographer, individual, insurgent, insurrectionist, mortal, painter, person, Prime Minister, rebel, skilled worker, skilled workman, slave, somebody, someone, soul, trained worker, tumbler

Part of: turnverein

Encyclopedia: Turner, Michael