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Preposition: under  ún-du(r)
  1. At a position directly lower than (with the subject just above)
    "the floor under the table";
    - neath [archaic], beneath, below, underneath
Adjective: under  ún-du(r)
  1. Located below or beneath something else
    "the under parts of a machine";
    - nether
  2. Lower in rank, power, or authority
    "an under secretary"
Adverb: under  ún-du(r)
  1. Down to defeat, death, or ruin
    "their competitors went under"
  2. Through a range downward
    "children six and under will be admitted free"
  3. Into unconsciousness
    "this will put the patient under"
  4. In or into a state of subordination or subjugation
    "we must keep our disappointment under"
  5. Below some quantity or limit
    "fifty dollars or under"
  6. Below the horizon
    "the sun went under"
  7. Down below
    "get under quickly!"
  8. Further down
    "see under for further discussion";
    - below
Prefix: under-  ún-du(r)
  1. Insufficiently
  2. Under, lower, below, secondary, inferior
    - sub-

See also: low, low-level, subordinate, subsidiary

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