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Adjective: unhappy (unhappier,unhappiest)  ,ún'ha-pee
  1. Experiencing or marked by or causing sadness or sorrow or discontent
    "unhappy over her departure"; "unhappy with her raise"; "after the argument they lapsed into an unhappy silence"; "had an unhappy time at school"; "the unhappy (or sad) news"; "he looks so unhappy"
  2. Generalized feeling of distress
    - dysphoric, distressed
  3. Causing discomfort
    "the unhappy truth"
  4. Marked by or producing unhappiness
    "unhappy caravans, straggling afoot through swamps and canebrakes";
    - infelicitous

Derived forms: unhappiest, unhappier

See also: cheerless, dejected, depressing, discontent, discontented, felicity, happiness, infelicitous, joyless, lovesick, miserable, sad, sorrowful, suffering, uncheerful, unfortunate, unpleasant, wretched

Antonym: happy

Encyclopedia: Unhappy