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Adjective: unionized  'yoon-yu,nIzd [N. Amer], 'yoo-nee-u,nIzd [Brit]
  1. Not converted into ions
    - nonionized, nonionised [Brit], unionised [Brit], nonionic
  2. Being a member of or formed into a labour union
    "unionized workers"; "a unionized shop";
    - organized, organised [Brit], unionised [Brit]
Verb: unionize  'yoon-yu,nIz [N. Amer], 'yoo-nee-u,nIz [Brit]
  1. Recruit for a union or organize into a union
    "We don't allow people to come into our plant and try to unionize the workers";
    - unionise [Brit]
  2. Form or join a union
    "The auto workers decided to unionize";
    - unionise [Brit], organize, organise [Brit]

See also: union

Type of: enrol [Brit, Cdn], enroll [N. Amer], enter, fall in, get together, inscribe, join, recruit

Encyclopedia: Unionized