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Adjective: unsmooth  ,ún'smoodh
  1. Having or caused by an irregular surface
    "his unsmooth face";
    - rough

See also: abrasive, alligatored, barky, bouldered, bouldery, broken, bullate, bumpy, chapped, coarse, coarse-textured, corded, costate, cracked, cragged, craggy, crushed, gravelly, harsh, hilly, homespun, imbricate, imbricated, irregular, lepidote, leprose, lined, mountainous, nonslippery, nubbly, nubby, pebbly, pocked, pockmarked, potholed, ribbed, rockbound, rock-ribbed [N. Amer], rocky, roughish, rough-textured, rugged, rugose, rugous [rare], sandpapery, saw-like, scabby, scabrous, scaly, scratchy, scurfy, seamed, shagged, shaggy, shingly, slubbed, squamulose, stony, textured, tweedy, twilled, uneven, unironed, unpolished, verrucose, wartlike, warty, wrinkled

Antonym: smooth