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Adjective: unsound (unsounder,unsoundest)  ,ún'sawnd
  1. Containing or based on a fallacy
    "an unsound argument";
    - fallacious
  2. Suffering from severe mental illness
    "of unsound mind";
    - mentally ill, unstable
  3. Physically unsound or diseased
    "an unsound limb"; "unsound teeth";
    - bad, unfit
  4. Of e.g. advice
  5. Not in good condition; damaged or decayed
    "an unsound foundation"
  6. Not sound financially
    "unsound banking practices"

Derived forms: unsounder, unsoundest

See also: bad, broken, corroded, damaged, decayed, flakey [informal], flaky [informal], high-risk, injured, insane, invalid, long, risky, rotted, rotten, speculative, undependable, unfit, unhealthy, unreliable, unwholesome, wildcat

Antonym: sound

Encyclopedia: Unsound