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Adjective: unsubdivided  ,ún,súb-di'vI-did or ,ún'súb-du,vI-did
  1. (botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions
    - simple

See also: acerate, acerose, acicular, acuminate, apiculate, arrow-shaped, bladelike, caudate, cordate, cordiform, cuneate, deltoid, dolabrate, dolabriform, elliptic, elongate, ensiform, fiddle-shaped, five-needled, four-needled, hastate, heart-shaped, kidney-shaped, lancelike, lanceolate, linear, lyrate, needled, needle-shaped, oblanceolate, oblong, obovate, obtuse, orbicular, orbiculate, ovate, pandurate, panduriform, peltate, perfoliate, reniform, sagittate, sagittiform, shield-shaped, simple, smooth, spatula-shaped, spatulate, spearhead-shaped, swordlike, sword-shaped, three-needled, two-needled, unlobed, wedge-shaped, xiphoid

Antonym: compound