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Adjective: untidy (untidier,untidiest)  ,ún'tI-dee
  1. Not neat and tidy
    "careless and untidy in her personal habits"; "an untidy living room"; "untidy and casual about money"

Derived forms: untidier, untidiest

See also: blowsy [informal], blowzy [informal], cluttered, dirty, disheveled [US], dishevelled [Brit, Cdn], disorderly, frowsy, frowzled, frowzy, higgledy-piggledy, hugger-mugger, jumbled, littered, messy, mussy, rambling, rumpled, schlumpy [N. Amer, informal], scraggly, shlumpy [N. Amer, informal], slatternly [archaic], slobbish [Brit], slobby [informal], sloppy, slouchy, slovenly, sluttish [informal], slutty [informal], soiled, sprawling, straggling, straggly, tarty [informal], topsy-turvy, tousled, unclean, unfastidious, ungroomed, unkempt

Antonym: tidy

Encyclopedia: Untidy