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Noun: urging  ur-jing
  1. Anything that inspires, motivates or drives you to do something
    "the ceaseless urging got on his nerves";
    - goad, goading, prod, prodding, spur, spurring
  2. The act of earnestly supporting or encouraging
  3. Insistent solicitation and entreaty
    - importunity, urgency
Verb: urge  urj
  1. Force or impel in an indicated direction
    "I urged him to finish his studies";
    - urge on, press, exhort
  2. Push for something
    "The travel agent urged strongly that we not travel on Thanksgiving Day";
    - recommend, advocate, encourage
  3. Spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts
    "The crowd urged on the demonstrating strikers";
    - cheer, root on [N. Amer, informal], inspire, barrack [Austral, NZ], urge on, exhort

Derived forms: urgings

Type of: advise, advocacy, counsel, encourage, encouragement, propose, protagonism, rede [archaic], solicitation, suggest

Encyclopedia: Urge, Rapla County