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Noun: vanishing  va-ni-shing
  1. A sudden or mysterious disappearance
  2. A sudden disappearance from sight
Verb: vanish  va-nish
  1. Get lost, as without warning or explanation
    "He vanished without a trace";
    - disappear, go away
  2. Become invisible or unnoticeable
    "The effect vanished when day broke";
    - disappear, go away
  3. Pass away rapidly
    "Time vanishes like an arrow";
    - fly, fell
  4. Cease to exist
    "An entire civilization vanished";
    - disappear
  5. Decrease rapidly and disappear
    "the money vanished in las Vegas";
    - fly, vaporize, vaporise [Brit]
  6. (mathematics) become equal to zero

Derived forms: vanishings

Type of: cease, decrease, diminish, disappearance, disappearing, elapse, end, fall, finish, glide by, go along, go by, lapse, lessen, pass, slide by, slip away, slip by, stop, terminate

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