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Noun: variance  veh-ree-un(t)s
  1. An event that departs from expectations
    - discrepancy, variant
  2. Discord that splits a group
    - division
  3. (statistics) the second moment around the mean; the expected value of the square of the deviations of a random variable from its mean value
  4. A difference between conflicting facts, claims or opinions
    "a growing variance of opinion";
    - discrepancy, disagreement, divergence
  5. The quality or degree of being subject to variation
    - variability, variableness
  6. An official dispensation to act contrary to a rule or regulation (typically a building regulation)
    "a zoning variance"
  7. An activity that varies from a norm or standard
    "any variance in his routine was immediately reported";
    - variation

Sounds like: vaper, vapour, riance, va

Derived forms: variances

Type of: activity, changeability, changeableness, departure, deviation, difference, discord, dispensation, dissension, divergence, moment

Encyclopedia: Variance