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Noun: vault  volt or vólt
  1. A burial chamber (usually underground)
    - burial vault
  2. A strongroom or compartment (often made of steel) for safekeeping of valuables
    - bank vault
  3. An arched brick or stone ceiling or roof
  4. The act of jumping over an obstacle
    - hurdle
Verb: vault  volt or vólt
  1. Jump across or leap over (an obstacle)
    - overleap
  2. Bound vigorously

Sounds like: variance, var, vaul

Derived forms: vaulted, vaulting, vaults

Type of: bound, burial chamber, jump, jumping, leap, roof, sepulcher [US], sepulchre [Brit, Cdn], sepulture [archaic], spring, strongroom [Brit]

Part of: bank, bank building

Encyclopedia: Vault