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Verb: vegetate  've-ji,teyt
  1. Lead a passive existence without using one's body or mind
  2. Establish vegetation on
    "They vegetated the hills behind their house"
  3. Produce vegetation
    "The fields vegetate vigorously"
  4. Grow like a plant
    "This fungus usually vegetates vigorously"
  5. Grow or spread abnormally
    "warts and polyps can vegetate if not removed"
  6. (biology) propagate asexually
    "The bacterial growth vegetated along"
  7. Engage in passive relaxation
    "After a hard day's work, I vegetate in front of the television";
    - veg out [informal], veg [informal]

Derived forms: vegetated, vegetates, vegetating

Type of: decompress, grow, live, loosen up, propagate, relax, slow down, unbend, unwind