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Noun: vet  vet
  1. A doctor for domestic and farm animals
    - veterinarian [N. Amer], veterinary [N. Amer], veterinary surgeon [Brit]
  2. [N. Amer, informal] A person who has served in the armed forces
    - veteran, ex-serviceman
Verb: vet (vetted,vetting)  vet
  1. Work as a veterinarian
    "She vetted for the farms in the area for many years"
  2. Examine carefully
    "Someone should vet this report before it goes out"
  3. (medicine) provide (a person) with medical care
  4. (medicine) provide veterinary care for

Derived forms: vets, vetting, vetted

Type of: be, care for, doc [informal], doctor, Dr., follow, inspect, man, MD, medico [informal], military man, military personnel, physician, serviceman, servicewoman, treat

Part of: American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, VFW

Encyclopedia: Vet, Javier