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Adjective: visionary  'vi-zhu,ne-ree [N. Amer], vi-zhun-(u-)ree [Brit]
  1. Having great ambition, imagination or foresight when thinking about the future
  2. Not practical or realizable; speculative
    "visionary schemes for getting rich";
    - airy, impractical, Laputan, windy
Noun: visionary  'vi-zhu,ne-ree [N. Amer], vi-zhun-(u-)ree [Brit]
  1. A person given to fanciful speculations and enthusiasms with little regard for what is actually possible
  2. A person with unusual powers of foresight
    - illusionist, seer

Derived forms: visionaries

See also: utopian

Type of: individual, intellect, intellectual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul

Encyclopedia: Visionary