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Adjective: wanton  wón-t(u)n
  1. Occurring without motivation or provocation
    "wanton malignity";
    - motiveless, unprovoked
  2. Casual and unrestrained in sexual behaviour
    "wanton behaviour";
    - easy, loose, promiscuous, sluttish [informal], tarty [informal], slutty [informal]
Noun: wanton  wón-t(u)n
Usage: archaic
  1. Lewd or lascivious woman
Verb: wanton  wón-t(u)n
Usage: archaic
  1. Waste time; spend one's time idly or inefficiently
    - piddle [informal], wanton away, piddle away, trifle
  2. Indulge in a carefree or voluptuous way of life
  3. Spend wastefully
    "wanton one's money away";
    - wanton away, trifle away
  4. Become extravagant; indulge (oneself) luxuriously
    - luxuriate
  5. Engage in amorous play
  6. Behave extremely cruelly and brutally

Derived forms: wantons, wantoning, wantoned

See also: unchaste, unmotivated

Type of: act, behave, chat up [Brit, informal], consume, coquet [rare], dally, do, drop, expend, flirt, live, mash [archaic], philander, romance, sensualist, spend, squander, ware [archaic], waste

Encyclopedia: Wanton, John