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Noun: washup
  1. The act of washing yourself (or another person)
    - bathing
  2. The act of washing dishes
    - dishwashing
Verb: wash up
  1. [N. Amer] Wash one's face and hands
    "Wash up hands & bathrooms well after vomiting or diarrhoea";
    - lave
  2. Carry somewhere (of water, current or waves)
    "The tide washed up the corpse"
  3. [Brit] Wash dishes
    "I cook and my husband washes up after dinner";
    - do the dishes
  4. Be carried somewhere by water or as if by water
    "The body washed up on the beach"
  5. Wear out completely
    "He was all washed up after the exam";
    - exhaust, beat [informal], tucker [N. Amer, informal], tucker out [N. Amer, informal]

Derived forms: washed up, washing up, washups, washes up

See also: wash

Type of: appear, carry, channel, clean, cleaning, cleansing, cleanup, conduct, convey, fag [informal], fag out [Brit, informal], fatigue, freshen, freshen up, impart, jade, knacker [Brit, informal], lavation, make clean, outwear, refresh, refreshen, tire, tire out, transmit, wash, washing, wear, wear down, wear out, wear upon, weary

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