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Noun: wattle  wó-t(u)l
  1. A fleshy wrinkled and often brightly coloured fold of skin hanging from the neck or throat of certain birds (chickens and turkeys) or lizards
    - lappet
  2. Framework consisting of stakes interwoven with branches to form a fence
  3. Any of various Australasian trees yielding slender poles suitable for wattle
Verb: wattle  wó-t(u)l
  1. (construction) build of or with wattle
  2. Interlace to form wattle

Derived forms: wattled, wattles, wattling

Type of: acacia, build, caruncle, caruncula, construct, enlace, entwine, frame, framework, interlace, intertwine, interwind, intwine [archaic], lace, make, twine

Encyclopedia: Wattle