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Adjective: waxed  wakst
  1. Treated with wax
    "waxed floors"; "waxed moustache"
Verb: wax  waks
  1. Cover with wax
    "wax the car"
  2. Go up or advance
    "Sales were waxing after prices were lowered";
    - mount, climb, rise
  3. Increase in phase
    "the moon is waxing";
    - full
  4. Say or write, esp. for a long time about a particular topic
    "He waxed lyrical about the success"; "I've probably waxed on about them for hours"
  5. Remove hair from part of the body by coating the skin with wax that is then pulled off with the hair

Type of: cover, increase

Antonym: unwaxed, wane

Encyclopedia: Waxed

Wax, animal and vegetable