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Adjective: waxy (waxier,waxiest)  wak-see
  1. Capable of being bent, flexed or twisted without breaking
    "a waxy young tree";
    - bendable, pliable, pliant
  2. Having the paleness of wax
    "a thin face with a waxy paleness";
    - waxen, waxlike
  3. Made of or covered with wax
    "careful, the floor is waxy";
    - waxen
  4. Easily impressed or influenced
    "a waxy mind";
    - impressionable, impressible

Derived forms: waxiest, waxier

See also: colorless [US], colourless [Brit, Cdn], easy, flexible, flexile, plastic, pliant, spinnable, susceptible

Encyclopedia: Waxy