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Noun: ways  weyz
  1. Structure consisting of a sloping way down to the water from the place where ships are built or repaired
    - shipway, slipway
Noun: way  wey
  1. How something is done or how it happens
    "a lonely way of life";
    - manner, mode, style, fashion
  2. To have the ability to produce a particular effect or achieve an end
    "the true way to success";
    - means, agency
  3. A line leading to a place or point
    "didn't know the way home";
    - direction
  4. The condition of things generally
    "that's the way it is"; "I felt the same way"
  5. A course of conduct
    "we went our separate ways";
    - path, way of life
  6. Any artifact consisting of a road or path affording passage from one place to another
    "he said he was looking for the way out"
  7. A journey or passage
    "they are on the way"
  8. Space for movement
    "make way for";
    - room, elbow room
  9. The property of distance in general
    "it's a long way to Moscow"; "he went a long ways"
  10. Doing as one pleases or chooses
    "if I had my way"
  11. A general category of things; used in the expression 'in the way of'
    "they didn't have much in the way of clothing"
  12. A portion of something divided into shares
    "they split the loot three ways"

Sounds like: way, weigh, whey, We, ways

Type of: artefact [Brit], artifact [N. Amer], category, choice, condition, construction, course, course of action, distance, effectuation, implementation, itinerary, journey, journeying, part, path, percentage, pick, portion, position, property, route, selection, share, spatial relation, status, structure

Part of: shipyard, transit, transportation, transportation system

Encyclopedia: Ways

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