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Noun: wetting  we-ting
  1. The act of making something wet
  2. A euphemism for urination
    - leak [informal], making water, passing water
Verb: wet (wet,wetting, also wetted)  wet
  1. Cause to become wet
    "Wet your face"
  2. Make one's bed or clothes wet by urinating
    "This eight year old boy still wets his bed"

Sounds like: wetted, whetting, wh

Derived forms: wettings

Type of: alter, change, change of state, make water, micturate [formal], micturition, modify, pass water, pee [informal], pee-pee [informal], piddle [informal], relieve oneself [informal], spend a penny [Brit, informal], take a leak [informal], urinate, urination, wee [Brit, informal], wee-wee [informal], widdle [Brit, informal]

Antonym: dry out

Encyclopedia: Wetting