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Interjection: whoops  (w)ûps
  1. Exclamation used to acknowledge a mistake or accident
    "Whoops, the ball slipped out of my hands"; "'Whoops-a-daisy,' she said that first day, stooping to recover the crepe";
    - oops, whoops-a-daisy [informal], oops-a-daisy [informal], whoopsie [informal]
Noun: whoop  hoop
  1. A loud hooting cry of exultation or excitement
Verb: whoop  hoop
  1. Shout, as if with joy or enthusiasm
    "The children whooped when they were led to the picnic table"
  2. Cough spasmodically
    "The patient with emphysema is whooping all day";
    - hack

Sounds like: h

Type of: call, cough, cry, holler [informal], hollo [non-standard], outcry, scream, shout, shout out, squall, vociferation, yell

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