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Verb: winnow  wi-now
  1. Separate the chaff from by using air currents
    "She stood there winnowing chaff all day in the field";
    - fan
  2. Blow on
    "The wind was winnowing her hair"; "the wind winnowed the grass"
  3. Select desirable parts from a group or list
    "winnow the finalists from the long list of applicants";
    - cull out
  4. Blow away or off with a current of air
    "winnow chaff"
Noun: winnow  wi-now
  1. The act of separating grain from chaff
    "the winnow was done by women";
    - winnowing, sifting

Derived forms: winnows, winnowing, winnowed

Type of: choose, fan, pick out, remove, select, separation, sieve, sift, strain, take, take away, withdraw

Encyclopedia: Winnow