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Adjective: withered  wi-dhu(r)d
  1. Lean and wrinkled by shrinkage as from age or illness
    "a lanky scarecrow of a man with withered face and lantern jaws"; "he did well despite his withered arm";
    - shriveled [US], shrivelled [Brit, Cdn], shrunken, wizen, wizened
  2. (used especially of vegetation) having lost all moisture
    "withered vines";
    - dried-up, sere, sear, shriveled [US], shrivelled [Brit, Cdn]
Verb: wither  wi-dhu(r)
  1. Wither, as with a loss of moisture
    "The fruit dried and withered";
    - shrivel, shrivel up, shrink
  2. Lose freshness, vigour, or vitality
    "Her bloom was withering";
    - fade

See also: dry, lean, meager [N. Amer], meagre [Brit, Cdn], thin

Type of: decrease, diminish, disappear, fall, go away, lessen, vanish

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