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Noun: withholding  widh'hówl-ding or with'hówl-ding
  1. (tax) the act of deducting from an employee's salary
  2. Income tax withheld from employees' wages and paid directly to the government by the employer
    - withholding tax
  3. The act of holding back or keeping within your possession or control
    "I resented his withholding permission"; "there were allegations of the withholding of evidence"
Verb: withhold (withheld)  widh'hówld or with'hówld
  1. Hold back; refuse to hand over or share
    "The father is withholding the allowance until the son cleans his room";
    - keep back
  2. Retain and refrain from disbursing; of payments
    "My employer is withholding taxes";
    - deduct, recoup

Derived forms: withholdings

Type of: deduction, deny, hold on, holding, income tax, keep, keeping, refuse, retention, subtraction

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