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Adjective: woody (woodier,woodiest)  wû-dee
  1. Made of, containing or resembling wood
    "woody plants"; "perennial herbs with woody stems"; "a woody taste"
  2. Abounding in trees
    "a woody area near the highway";
    - arboraceous, arboreous, woodsy
  3. Made hard like wood as the result of the deposition of lignin in the cell walls
Noun: woody  wû-dee
Usage: N. Amer, vulgar
  1. An erect penis
    - erection

Derived forms: woodiest, woodies, woodier

See also: ashen, beechen, birch, birchen, birken, cedarn [archaic], hard, ligneous, oaken, suffrutescent, wooded, wooden

Type of: sexual arousal

Antonym: nonwoody

Encyclopedia: Woody, California