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Verb: worship (worshipped,worshipping, or [US] worshiped,worshiping)  wur-ship
  1. (religion) show devotion to (a deity)
    "Many Hindus worship Shiva"
  2. Attend religious services
    "They worship in the traditional manner"
  3. Love unquestioningly and uncritically or to excess; venerate as an idol
    - idolize, idolise [Brit], hero-worship, revere
Noun: worship  wur-ship
  1. The activity of worshipping
  2. A feeling of profound love and admiration
    - adoration

Derived forms: worshipped, worshiping, worshipping, worships

Type of: activity, adore, aroha [NZ], attend, fear, go to, love, revere, reverence, venerate

Encyclopedia: Worship, Christian