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Noun: zap  zap
  1. A sudden event that imparts energy or excitement, usually with a dramatic impact
    "they gave it another zap of radiation"
Verb: zap (zapped,zapping)  zap
  1. Strike suddenly and with force
    "This show zaps the viewers with some shocking scenes"
  2. Kill with or as if with a burst of gunfire or electric current or as if by shooting
    "in this computer game, space travellers are zapped by aliens";
    - vaporize, vaporise [Brit]
  3. Strike at with firepower or bombs
    "zap the enemy";
    - nuke, atomize, atomise [Brit]
  4. (cooking) cook or heat in a microwave oven
    "You can zap the leftovers";
    - microwave, micro-cook, nuke

Derived forms: zaps, zapped, zapping

Type of: affect, bomb, bombard, cook, event, impress, kill, move, strike

Encyclopedia: Zap, ND