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Preposition: above  u'búv
  1. At a higher position than
    "the picture above radiator"; "the light above the table";
    - over
Adverb: above  u'búv
  1. (in writing) at an earlier place
    "see above";
    - supra
  2. In or to a place that is higher
    - higher up, in a higher place, to a higher place
Noun: above  u'búv
  1. An earlier section of a written text
    "for instructions refer to the above"
Adjective: above  u'búv
  1. Appearing earlier in the same text
    "flaws in the above interpretation"

Derived forms: aboves

See also: preceding

Type of: section, subdivision

Antonym: beneath, infra

Encyclopedia: Above, Over and Beyond