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Noun: place  pleys
  1. A point located with respect to surface features of some region
    "this is a nice place for a picnic";
    - topographic point, spot
  2. Any area set aside for a particular purpose
    "who owns this place?";
    - property
  3. An abstract mental location
    "he has a special place in my thoughts"; "a place in my heart"; "a political system with no place for the less prominent groups"
  4. A general vicinity
    "He comes from a place near Chicago"
  5. The post or function properly or customarily occupied or served by another
    "took his place";
    - stead, position, lieu
  6. A particular situation
    "If you were in my place what would you do?";
    - shoes
  7. Where you live at a particular time
    "your place or mine?";
    - home
  8. A job in an organization
    "he occupied a place in the treasury";
    - position, post, berth, office, situation
  9. The particular portion of space occupied by something
    "he put the lamp back in its place";
    - position
  10. Proper or designated social situation
    "he overstepped his place";
    - station
  11. (dramaturgy) a space reserved for sitting (as in a theatre or on a train or aeroplane)
    "he sat in someone else's place";
    - seat
  12. The passage that is being read
    "he lost his place on the page"
  13. Proper or appropriate position or location
    "a woman's place is no longer in the kitchen"
  14. A public square with room for pedestrians
    "Grosvenor Place";
    - plaza, piazza
  15. An item on a list or in a sequence
    "in the second place";
    - position
  16. A blank area
    "write your name in the place provided";
    - space, blank space
Verb: place  pleys
  1. Cause to have a certain (possibly abstract) location
    "Place emphasis on a certain point";
    - put, set, pose, position, lay
  2. Assign somebody to a particular situation or location
    "he was placed on probation"
  3. Assign a rank or rating to
    "The restaurant is placed highly in the food guide";
    - rate, rank, range, order, grade
  4. Assign a location to
    "The company placed some of their agents in Los Angeles";
    - locate, site
  5. To arrange for
    "place a phone call"; "place a bet"
  6. Take a place in a competition; often followed by an ordinal
    "Jerry placed third in the Marathon";
    - come in, come out
  7. Intend (something) to move towards a certain goal, or direct to a specific place or group of people
    - target, aim, direct, point
  8. Recognize as being; establish the identity of someone or something
    "She placed the man on the 'wanted' poster";
    - identify, finger [informal]
  9. Assign to (a job or a home)
  10. Locate
    - set, localize, localise [Brit]
  11. Estimate
    "We place the time of arrival at 8 P.M.";
    - put, set
  12. Identify the location or place of
    - localize, localise [Brit]
  13. Make an investment
    "place money into bonds";
    - invest, put, commit
  14. Assign to a particular location
    - station, post, send
  15. Finish second or better in a horse or dog race
    "he bet $2 on number six to place"
  16. Sing a note with the correct pitch

Sounds like: pix, pyx, picks, place

Derived forms: placing, placed, places

See also: left, right

Type of: abode, aim, approximate, area, assign, backyard, business, cognition, condition, delegate, depute, designate, determine, direct, displace, drop, estimate, evaluate, expanse, expend, function, gauge, geographic area, geographic region, geographical area, geographical region, guess, item, job, judge, knowledge, line, line of work, locality, locate, move, neck of the woods, neighborhood [US], neighbourhood [Brit, Cdn], noesis, occupation, office, order, part, pass judgment, passage, point, position, present, public square, race, rank, represent, residence, role, run, set, sing, situate, situation, social rank, social station, social status, space, spend, square, stage, status, surface area, take, take aim, train, vicinage [N. Amer], vicinity

Antonym: disinvest

Part of: form

Encyclopedia: Place, New Hampshire