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Noun: purpose  pur-pus
  1. An anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions
    "his purpose was to provide a new translation";
    - intent, intention, aim, design
  2. What something is used for
    "the purpose of an auger is to bore holes";
    - function, role, use
  3. The quality of being determined to do or achieve something; firmness of purpose
    "he is a man of purpose";
    - determination
Verb: purpose  pur-pus
  1. Have as a plan or objective
    "I purpose to arrive at noon";
    - aim, purport, propose, intend
  2. Reach a decision
    "he purposed never to drink again";
    - resolve

Derived forms: purposed, purposes, purposing

See also: functional, nonfunctional

Type of: decide, determine, end, firmness, firmness of purpose, goal, intend, make up one's mind, mean, resoluteness, resolution, resolve, think, usefulness, utility

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