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Noun: hole  hówl
  1. An opening into or through something
  2. An opening deliberately made in or through something
  3. One playing period (from tee to green) on a golf course
    "he played 18 holes";
    - golf hole
  4. An unoccupied space
  5. A depression hollowed out of solid matter
    - hollow
  6. A fault
    "he shot holes in my argument"
  7. Informal term for a difficult situation
    "he got into a terrible hole";
    - fix, jam, mess, muddle, pickle, kettle of fish
  8. Informal term for the mouth
    - trap, cakehole [Brit], maw, yap, gob [Brit]
  9. (informal) an unpleasant place
    - dump
Verb: hole  hówl
  1. (golf) hit the ball into the hole
    - hole out
  2. Make holes in

Sounds like: hold, hohole, w

Derived forms: holing, holes, holed

Type of: core out, defect, depression, difficulty, fault, flaw, gap, hit, hollow, hollow out, mouth, natural depression, opening, oral cavity, oral fissure, period of play, play, playing period, rima oris, space

Part of: golf course, links course

Encyclopedia: Hole, Norway