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Noun: holdover  'hówld,ow-vu(r)
  1. An official who remains in office after his term
    - hangover
  2. Something that has survived from the past
    "a holdover from the sixties";
    - hangover
Verb: hold over  hówld ow-vu(r)
  1. Intimidate somebody (with a threat)
  2. Hold over goods to be sold for the next season
    - carry over
  3. Keep in a position or state from an earlier period of time
  4. Continue a term of office past the normal period of time
  5. Hold back to a later time
    "let's hold over the exam";
    - postpone, prorogue, put over, table [N. Amer], shelve, set back, defer, remit, put off

Derived forms: holdovers, holds over, held over, holding over

See also: keep

Type of: continue, delay, functionary, hold, hold on, intimidate, keep, maintain, official, remain, stay, stay on, survival