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Verb: hold on
  1. Hold firmly
    - grasp
  2. Stop and wait, as if awaiting further instructions or developments
    "Hold on a moment!";
    - stop
  3. Be persistent, refuse to stop
    "he held on to call me every night";
    - persevere, persist, hang in, hang on
  4. Hold the phone line open
    "Please hold on while I get your folder";
    - hang on, hold the line
  5. Retain possession of
    - keep

Derived forms: holding on, held on, holds on

See also: hold back, withhold

Type of: await, bear on, break, carry on, continue, expect, have, have got, hold, interrupt, look, preserve, take hold, uphold, wait

Antonym: lose

Encyclopedia: Hold on, We're Going Home