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Adjective: intended  in'ten-did
  1. Future; betrothed
    "his intended bride"
  2. Resulting from one's intentions
    "your intended trip abroad"; "an intended insult"
Noun: intended  in'ten-did
Usage: informal
  1. The person to whom you are engaged
    - betrothed
Verb: intend  in'tend
  1. Have in mind as a purpose
    "I intend no harm";
    - mean, think
  2. Design or destine
    "She was intended to become the director";
    - destine, designate, specify
  3. Have the intention to express or convey; have a particular sense or meaning
    "what do his words intend?";
    - mean
  4. Denote or connote
    - mean, signify, stand for
  5. Have as a plan or objective
    "I intend to arrive at noon";
    - aim, purpose, purport, propose

Derived forms: intendeds

See also: attached, calculated, committed, conscious, deliberate, intentional, intentionality, knowing, measured, motivated, planned, premeditated, well-intentioned, well-meaning, well-meant, witting

Type of: convey, lover, plan

Antonym: unintended

Encyclopedia: Intended